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本文摘要:Hold the phone! Amazon Web Services is launching a mobile applications initiative. According to a company job post, AWS seeks a software development engineer for a new iOS/Android AWS initiative to be based in Palo Alto, Calif.听好了!


Hold the phone! Amazon Web Services is launching a mobile applications initiative. According to a company job post, AWS seeks a software development engineer for a new iOS/Android AWS initiative to be based in Palo Alto, Calif.听好了!亚马逊(Amazon)网络服务现在启动了一个移动应用程序项目。该公司的一则聘用信息表明,亚马逊网络服务正在为该部门一个新的iOS/Android项目物色软件开发工程师,工作地点在加州帕洛阿尔托。

The ideal candidate will have built a “top 25 app” and want to build a “brand new service from the ground floor”, according to the job post.这则招聘广告称之为,理想的候选人应当研发过“名列前25”的应用程序,并不愿“从零开始”,打造出一款全新服务。It continued: “In this role, you will be responsible for creating and owning world-class production tablet and web client applications across major platforms including iOS and Android . You must be willing to insist on the highest standards for quality, maintainability, and performance. You will ensure that engineering best practices are followed and that software is designed to be responsive, reliable and maintainable.”广告还写到:“聘用职位负责管理研发、掌控世界一流的产品——限于于iOS和Android等主流平板电脑和网络客户端应用于。

应聘者必需不愿坚决最低的质量、可维护性和性能标准,保证遵循工程学最佳实践中,保证软件反应很快、可信,并具备可维护性。”TechCrunch first reported the news Sunday night.TechCrunch最先于上周日晚报导了此事。

Developers typically access AWS from their PCs, but smartphones and tablets are quickly supplanting laptops and PCs as devices of choice for more workers, so it would make sense for AWS to turn more attention to those form factors. And, the company added Android and iOS support to the AWS management console so users can keep an eye on their services from their device of choice.开发者一般来说从自己的个人电脑终端亚马逊网络服务,但智能手机和平板电脑于是以很快代替笔记本和台式机,沦为更加多人的选用设备,因此亚马逊将注目投向移动设备乃明智之举。同时,亚马逊网络服务管理控制器还开始反对Android和iOS,以便用户能通过更加多设备查阅、设置服务。

Miko Matsumura, SVP of platform marketing for Kii, a Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) provider, said this post talks about client app development rather than a software development kit so would not be directly competitive with what Kii does. But it is also possible that AWS will build its own MVaaS — something that GigaOM Pro analyst Janakiram MSV posited in a post (subscription required) a few weeks ago. According to MSV:移动后端即服务(Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service)供应商Kii公司平台营销高级副总裁米克?松树回应,这则招聘广告说到的是客户端应用于研发,而不是软件开发工具包,因此会同Kii的产品构成必要竞争。但也有可能亚马逊网络服务将打造出自己的视频管理服务,GigaOM Pro分析师简纳基兰姆?MSV数周前就在一篇博文(须要订阅者才能读者)中明确提出了这一假设。

据MSV称之为:“AWS has all the required building blocks to expose mobile backend services. Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon RDS already form the backbone of many mobile applications today. The AWS SDK for Android and iOS makes it easy for developers to consume these services.”“亚马逊网络服务部门要获取移动后末端服务堪称万事俱备。亚马逊云计算平台EC2、亚马逊简陋存储服务S3、亚马逊DynamoDB云端服务以及亚马逊关系数据库服务RDS早已沦为众多移动应用程序的基础。反对Android和iOS的亚马逊网络服务软件开发工具包将协助开发者们更加精彩地用于这些服务。”General purpose Platforms as a Service (PaaSes) neglected this mobile segment — so startups like Kinvey, Parse, Stackmob, and Kii rushed to fill the void. Now, the bigger PaaS players are adding more mobile capabilities — witness Microsoft’s addition of mobile services to Windows Azure last summer. MBaaS partisans claim it’s too little too late, but others predict a shakeout in this segment.通用型平台即服务(PaaSes)忽视了移动细分市场,而Kinvey、Parse、Stackmob以及Kii等新创企业很快空缺了这个空白。

现在,规模较小的平台即服务公司正在减少更好的移动性能,去年夏天微软公司(Microsoft)为Windows Azure加到移动服务即是一例。移动后端即服务的支持者称之为这些希望缺少力度,而且为时已晚,但很多人指出这将引起移动子市场轻微动荡不安。

Sravish Sridhar, CEO of Cambridge, Mass.-based Kinvey, who looked at the ad, said the fact that AWS is looking for front-end developers is not a huge surprise but added that the GigaOM Pro report about AWS moving into mobile backend services was spot on. “If AWS is looking to launch a Backend as a Service offering, they need seasoned front-end developers because, you need to build world-class client-side libraries to abstract the backend stack. For mobile developers, the client-side library is the new API,” he noted.坐落于马萨诸塞州坎布里奇的Kinvey公司首席执行官斯拉维希?斯瑞达在看完该招聘广告后回应,亚马逊网络服务部门聘用前端开发人员并不怪异。但他补足说道,科技网站GigaOM Pro关于亚马逊网络服务部门进占移动后末端服务的报导完全正确。斯瑞达认为:“如果亚马逊网络服务想发售移动后端即服务产品,他们必须经验丰富的前端开发人员。

因为要更有后末端人才,必需打造出顶级的客户端库。对移动开发人员而言,客户端库就如同应用于程序界面。”He also said that it’s a no-brainer for Amazon to add more mobile backend services this since he sees mobile “driving the adoption of cloud in the enterprise. It’s likely that AWS has seen this as well and has realized that it needs to improve its mobile cloud offering to get ‘corporate mobile payloads’ (to paraphrase VMware’s term) to run on AWS.”斯瑞达还回应,亚马逊认同不应减少移动后末端服务,因为他看见移动“于是以推展亚马逊使用云技术。亚马逊网络服务部门很有可能也看见了这点,并意识到自己必须完备移动云产品,以使‘企业移动载荷’( 改述Vmware的术语)在亚马逊网络服务上流畅运营。

”I will update this story if and when Amazon responds to requests for comment.如果亚马逊恢复我的置评催促,我会及时改版。